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Bill Cunningham Shoots The New York Marathon

The legend Bill Cunningham was killing street style photography before street style photography was even a thing. Do yourself a favour and go follow his Facebook account.

Anyone that can wear a French Work Wear jacket pretty much every day for a gazillion years whilst single handled capturing the world’s fashion elite deserves your respect. Well, if you’re into that kind of thing.

But why are we talking about him here you ask? Well old Billy Boy just camped down at mile 24 of this year’s NYC marathon and documented the most colourful outfits to cross the line…one guy even dribbled a football for the entire duration of the course. Watch the gloriously narrated video above.

Marathons really are the perfect outlet for people of all types to be their loud, gauche, colourful selves….and have a good time with it whilst putting themselves from 26 and change miles of hurt.

As a side note, if I could talk like anyone in the world it would be Bill Cunningham. FYI.

Bill Cunningham Shoots The New York Marathon, film taken from the New York Times.