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Find Your Happy place, and run to it

Yeah, your happy place!

That place you go to, or thing you do, that makes your whole soul, body and mind purr like a cat from happiness. Makes you breath easier and you can just be in peace.

For me that place these days is in the middle of a forest here in Finland, though running in any forest makes me equally happy, so I think it’s a tie. But pretty close to my home is a specific forest that contains my very favorite place, right in the middle of it there’s this open area on top of a rock cliff.

When I stop there, and I always do, I can feel how my heart rate slows and I can just breath easy and take a second away from the world. I try to go there at least a few times a week, because afterwards I always feel so much better, more grounded and balanced.


I didn’t always have this kind of place in my life, so it’s even more special to me now. When life gets too chaotic and busy, it’s so amazing to know I have a place like that, to calm the chaos and drop all the stress.
I actually ¬†didn’t really like nature two years ago, I was terrified of the dark, I still am a bit. What running has given me on so many levels, a renewed confidence and a reason to go and get lost in places like this…it’s almost a sacred thing to me these days.

But even more, I think we all need to have a happy place of our own. In this world that we live in, we need a place where we can breath, calm down, ground our selves, balance the chaotic life that we live with millions of stimulus coming from every direction possible.

It can be like mine, it can be activity that makes you forget your day to day life. It can just be the act of regular running or it can even be reading, painting, singing, whatever. But please find your thing, and hold on to it, because in the long run you will get so much out of it. It will make you be able to approach your everyday life with a whole new mindset, and more patience.

So, what’s your happyplace?