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Taking it back – Tracksmith Apparel

Running apparel is undoubtably getting more tech and more futuristic looking each season. We have 3M reflective micro glass, taped seams, technical fabrics and a space age race against weight which can only be resolved when someone produces a pair of compression socks that have anti-gravity properties.

Don’t get me twisted though, I love the ritual of getting dressed up like a sportswear ninja before I hit the streets, doning Tron-esque levels of volt and 3M. It’s part of the allure of running culture and something that I know my fellow Pavement Bound fam also enjoy.

But theres something undeniably alluring about the classic aesthetic of original, basic running gear…long before neon hues and tights became common fixtures in sports stores. Think Prefontaine putting the hammer down at Hayward Field in nothing more than some short shorts, a cotton vest and a killer moustache. Can you really imagine Pre wearing some Hyperwarm tights and a pair of Smart phone friendly touch gloves? Probably not.

It’s with this iconic aesthetic in mind that new running brand Tracksmith Apparel (based out of Wellesley, Massachusetts – incidentally at the half way point of the Boston Marathon) hits the market, with a fresh perspective inspired by the classic imagery and silhouettes from the early days of the sport.

However, fear not, the retro look don’t mean decades-old technology (which is lucky for us, as we future folk obviously sweat at least 23% more than runners did in the past). For example the vest and matching shorts are constructed from  a Swiss-made lightweight mesh that wicks moisture away from the body, while the cotton tee is made from breathable and odor-repellent cotton-rayon blend.

This approach of fusing  classic styling , a thorough attention to detail and bang up to date materials isn’t that surprising when you consider the brand’s co-founder is Luke Scheybeler (one of the guys behind  British cycling brand Rapha) who has teamed up with ex Yale University track runner Matt Taylor to realise the simple ambition of producing a range of premium performance apparel that celebrates the style and culture of running.

All of Tracksmith’s products are made in the U.S. — and their debut collection  is available to shop now at Tracksmith’s online store.