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Electrolyte drinks – what works for me.

I’d never been a massive fan of energy drinks, bars or shakes and my hydration routine had always been a glass of water and then a glass of Vimto (the amber nectar for us Brits) after my run, and it had always worked quite well for me.

When I started training for a half marathon I realised I needed to start taking on liquids during my run and not just after and I sometimes needed a little more than the sweet Vimto treat at the end.

I’d always used electrolyte drinks when cycling (alongside carbs…carbs are essention when you’re out on the bike for longer than 1.5 hours and probably when running longer than 13.1 miles) so figured they’d be a good addition to my recovery for running.  There are lots of different things to read out there on the pro’s and con’s of hydration drinks and ultimately it’s what feels right for your body as part of healthy diet and training programme.

I’ve tried quite a few electrolyte tablets and find anything with caffeine is a big no go for me, it makes me feel edgy and gives me a dodgy stomach afterwards.

I’ve come across a few brands that work for me, they all seem to agree with my body (and more importantly my stomach) and seem to put some of the good stuff back in my body after a long run;



High5 Zero



My favourite brand  Nuun, the flavours they have are subtle but tasty (my favourite is Strawberry Lemonade), it feels like they help hydrate me during and after my run and I feel great afterwards.  I’m also quite partial to their handy sized packaging and super cool brading.