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Run it out – with Robin Arzon

If you aren’t already following the amazing Robin Arzon, you should be. This New York habitant is an inspiration to many.

A member of the Bridgerunners she’s also a focal point in the urban running scene across the world.

Her story is one of courage, pushing the norm and undoing the ordinary.

She has set out on an personal journey running 5 marathons in 5 days to help raise money for MS research. This amazing feat has been documented by Tara Darby and is up on Kickstarter now for you all to get involved in. Help bring the production of ‘Run It Out’ across the finish line.

With showings scheduled in London & New York lets all get behind her for an amazing cause. Back this campaign by booking your ticket today on Kickstarter. Also checkout Robin’s magazine, up and coming tour & clothing at Undo Ordinary

If you are planning anything special in the near future or if you have a personal tribute to write to Robin let us hear about it in the comments below.

Keep it up kido!