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New Energy – the ultra BOOST comes to NYC

THE EVENT Here in New York, and probably amongst most of our global PavementBound community – spanning London, Manchester, Amsterdam and beyond – it’s safe to say that we tend to reside in the bubble of directional, product-led, trend-defining ¬†product that Nike has created for us. That’s just the way it is. Usually there isn’t […]

Midnight Half Is Comin’ Your Way…

Our friends at Orchard Street Runners just released this cool flick of the 2014 MIDNIGHT HALF The film, by Brian Vernor and Bob Geile, perfectly captures the spirit of night running in NYC – particularly for me the awesome silence you ‘hear’ around you in the city that never sleeps as you hit the pavement/sidewalk […]


The Man from Orchard Street

In the spirit of all things Running Crew-based, we wanted to delve a little further in to the minds of those behind the crews – where better to start with Joe DiNoto of New York’s Orchard Street Runners. In-between leading OSR’s Tuesday evening runs, corresponding with runners from around the world, and hanging out on […]

Finding the Will

Losing the Will and Gaining It Again

This was going to be a post on running the NYC Marathon. I feel that’s all I’ve talked about, read about and lived for the last four months however. What has been more interesting is the fall out post marathon – the immediate aches, the emotional grappling, the shift in gears and focus, and a […]


A year ago, just about, I turned 31, left London after 10 years and moved to NYC in early November 2013 It proved to be one of coldest winters here in many years and I – skillfully – avoided doing any running until April this year, when the sun finally came out and I began […]