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Lancashire Lass, global trotter, currently residing in Manchester...trail running aficionado and advanced personal trainer at your service :) Been fortunate to travel to around 270 cities across our globe and fortunately the runners have some with me to most places! Running has been my best friend and worst enemy for about 6 years now. Through hang overs, dry spells, in pain, in relief, in grief, in ecstasy, in sickness and in health till death do us part :) 2014 my running picked up a lot. From doing my first half marathon race in May and felt inspired to do more. So I decided to do 12 races before Christmas to raise money for Cancer Research UK. In November I did two trail races back to back and managed to secure place as 20th Female which was quite a shocker to a newbie trail racee :) watch this space people watch this space. 2015 I've registered for The Polar Circle Marathon but don't tell my physio :)

Pre Race Week Prep. The Taper.

To build on my PT progress I’ve been studying biomechanics and running composition whilst speaking to some top physios here in Manchester to get a greater understanding of how athletes prepare and recover for events. Unfortunately due to back injuries and two sprained ankles I wasn’t able to follow my own programme, having a rough […]

Innov8 Talon X

Trialling the Trails…A guide to off-road shoes

Hi everyone, Global Greaves calling to talk about something pretty important for runners: Dem Shoos. So last year I took this running ting off road and headed for some pretty awesome hills around and about in the UK. Footwear massively became an issue and before long I was knee deep in conflicting opinions about which […]

Striding to the next level…My first ever Fell Race

Fell running, also known as mountain running and hill running, is the sport of running and racing off road, over upland country where the gradient climbed is a significant component of the difficulty –¬†Google 2014 No.Shit. “So, you’ve done an AM before then?” Yes. Edinburgh half was quite an early AM, and I prefer taking […]

retain your running mojo

Retaining your Running Mojo

This year I’ve been smashing up the KMs across mutiple races, mainly in the Lake District. But as most people who run races regularly know at some point you start to ask yourself why?…how do you keep up the motivation when all you wanna do is rest and eat? ¬†Well I managed to keep my […]