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Galaxy Running Club
Indonesia, South Bekasi

The fact that it may took an hour drive from our town to the nearest run club, made us realise that it is time for us to make our own club in our town.

It all started from one’s thirst of running, and the urge to search for a fellow runner. As time passed, the pack grew bigger and stronger. We’re proud to say that we are now have a strong bond to be so called family, hangout buddies, or partners.
At the beginning we didn’t realise that the running club itself makes us become more human, there are lot of positive vibe that comes from the activity within the club. To encourage one another , to push our limit, to overcome every obstacles, therefore an idea comes up “Risk Taker” to be our root.


Saturday 6.00 AM
Lobby Grand Galaxy Park Mall

Number of members
+50 (and still counting)

Pace groups
Intense (Fast), Easy (Easy Jog)

Crew captains
Audi Reza, Andi Nurrachman

January 2013