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Orchard Street Runners
USA, New York

OSR take their name from the street in New York’s Lower East Side on which they meet every Tuesday night. The crew was formed in 2011, by Joe DiNoto, with the aim of providing a stimulating 6-10 mile continuous run in an urban context for advanced runners.

Their weekly runs are multi pace threshold runs through NYC’s mean streets, designed to test experienced runners who are already comfortable running in the street. They have a few rules for anyone wanting to join in. Join the right pace group, know the route, no headphones and most importantly use your common sense. Lace up and head down to the Lost Weekend store meet up point for some killer coffee and a run designed to push you.

Photo taken by Parker Feierbach during the OSR Men’s 10K on August 7th


Lost Weekend (45 Orchard Street), LES, NYC but always check for updates on tuesday nights

Tuesday Nights at 7:30pm

Number of members
Varies, but anyone can join in.

Pace groups
6:00/mi, 7:00/mi, & 8:00/mi

Crew captains
Joe DiNoto

October 2011