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Patta Running Team
The Netherlands, Amsterdam

After being involved with the Nike brand professionally for a long time through the Patta sneaker store, Edson was approached to gather a running team in order to promote running as a sport and inspire people to pick up a healthy/active lifestyle.

By carefully curating the initial group of friends and family that still constitutes the very core of the Patta Running Team, Edson was able to contribute a cool yet serious running crew to the Bridge the Gap movement that is bound to be noticed both on and off the running tracks of races around the world.


Monday & Tuesday at 7.30 PM, Sunday at 10.30 AM

The ‘trainmore’ gym on Singel 250, right in the city centre of Amsterdam

Number of members
30 active members at the moment

Pace groups
On half marathon we can be divided in 2 pace groups; the fastest members are at the moment all in the 1.29hr – 1.40hr region, the others are between 1hr 40 and 2 hours.

Crew captains
Edson Sabajo (Owner of Patta) & Jermaine Breidel (Team trainer)