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Rush Runners
Indonesia, Jakarta

The Rush Runners began life during the first Jakarta Marathon in October 2013, 10 of us were running (and finished together, hand in hand!) in the 10K category. From that point, we started to have a weekly run on Thursday nights, and then others brought more friends which made the crew grow bigger and bigger.

We then decided to have our own running sessions, and encourage people to start a healthy lifestyle, especially the young hearts (at that time there was not many young people interested in running).

All in the crew speak the same language of running and are also united by our addiction to Nike. Our mission is to share the joy of a healthy lifestyle and of course, running! And that’s where the name comes from, RUn and SHare.

We support the Bridge The Gap movement and as well as maintaining relationships with other running crews in Indonesia, some of us regularly join races abroad, connecting to other running crews in other countries. We have been in contact with Run88 and Kyserun Krew (Malaysia), Nathan Egan from #natrun (Australia) and Seiya from AFE Tokyo (Japan).

So please, if there is any foreigner visiting Jakarta and looking for some company to run, we will be more than happy to welcome you in our pack!


Nike Store fX Sudirman

Tuesday – 6.30PM // Thursday – 6.30PM // Sunday – 6.00AM

Number of members
Around 50 active members, vary from high-schoolers, students, workers, and senior runners with young hearts!

Pace groups
In each session, usually the group will be divided in 2 packs, intense and easy. The separation is usually based on pace. Intense will go on pace 5-5.5, while the easy grup will go on pace 6.5-7.5 (average).

Crew captains
Jeremy Tobing

October 2013