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Canada, Montréal

All are welcome none are left behind was the idea behind Yamajo Run Crew. YMRC prides itself in not being a club but rather a crew due to the tight family bond feeling felt amongst the members whether new or an original.

Rain, snow or shine no Montreal street is safe from us. All level runners are welcome wether you’re a seasoned marathoner or looking to run your firstt 5k you’ve got a place with us. The team will help you achieve your goals in a safe environment all while having fun running to some tunes with your run mates . Post running activities include hiking, eating, partying…no set schedule for these but something is always going on.

We’re always planning our next road trip in Canada or the US and will fly out once a year as a crew to Europe or Asia. We welcome any runners in the world to come run in Montréal! Let us know when you’re coming, we will help you find lodging, show you one of the best cities in the world and obviously run!


Wednesdays 6:30pm & Saturdays 10am
Little Burgundy Sports Centre

Number of members
15 and counting

Pace groups
1. Fast Pace: 4:45min/km-5:15min/km
2. Middle Pace: 5:15min/km-5:45min/km
3. Sexy Pace: 5:45min/km-6:30min/km

Crew captains
David Joseph (Founder)
Daphné Exantus (Captain)
Matthews Plaisimond (Captain)
Nadia Sam (Captain)

March 2014