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Chasing That Feeling… #avorunsnyc

“Smiling from start to finish and taking in all the energy from the local support – Brooklyn Columbia Street and #cheerdem support at mile 21 was real. Thank you to everyone as it was a nippy day out but the sun was still shining for us. 4 hours #pavementbound listened to my body all the way… discipline with early miles and keeping consistent up those hills and along those bridges… Verrazzano Bridge though… #icecoldbaby hit half way and my legs still felt nice so went for it #beastmode all the way no checking pace, time, distance just soaking up every step and cheer into the run. Legs. Mind. Sun in full force. The longer you go, the stronger you get, word.”

In 2014, I ran my first full marathon.  The New York Marathon. That feeling, really was indescribable, the above words are the best I can do to try and articulate my feelings on that special day… the culmination of all the training, the last minute preparation, the buzz , the journey, the sights and SOUNDS along the way…


The main thing I will take away from my experience in New York is to believe in you and what you can do with a goal and a little application. To trust in all your training you put in.

In 2015, I start the year with 2 half marathons already booked, Barcelona and Berlin. Running a full marathon made me realise how much I actually enjoy running half marathons. I’m not saying, I will not do another full again, never say never (London I’m coming for you someday!) but starting the new year goal setting I’ve decided it’s about looking to explore cities and embark on new adventures, to challenge myself.

I am super pumped to run the Barcelona half, my first race of this year. I have such good vibes about the city and the race itself. Having run it last year in a pb of 1hr 39 this year I am really excited, so stoked for the race. Visualising the last 3K alongside the beach, the finish. Chasing that feeling, of running. Running to finish. Running hard. Running when it doesn’t feel like you are running. Putting in work but it doesn’t feel like you are.  Just moving, moving effortlessly, one foot in front of the other and it feels good.

That’s the feeling. The feeling I’m always chasing #racedaysooncome