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Got that loud? My experiment with running while high.

This past Saturday I decided to do a little experiment. There is a raging debate over the real vs. inhaled runner’s high. I won’t bore you with the EXTENSIVE particulars but your ultra marathon and triathlon friends are passing the dutchie to alleviate pain and nausea during their 200 mile runs. Others just really like getting stoned and hitting the pavement. People are saying things like “locked in” or “in the zone” to describe the experience. As legalisation and tolerance laws are being passed all over various U.S. states and parts of Europe, the stigma of weed and athletics is becoming blurred.


So like back in the days sitting in the parking lot of a Phish show, I got stoned. (I hate Phish).

I have lived in Amsterdam for nearly five years, where it is no stress to find the best weed the world has to offer. Note, this is not why I came to Amsterdam, but no one is complaining. This wasn’t my first rodeo so I felt pretty confident in how much I should smoke (my dosage) vs. what my physical reaction would be. So I stepped up to my roof terrace, took a single deep toke of Super Lemon Haze and coughed all over the place. Cough to get off ya’ll. The familiar feeling was immediate.

I expected (hoped) that I would be able run more steadily and lose myself in the run. My aim was to go farther or break a personal best.

This was not your ordinary summer day in Amsterdam. The city was packed with tourists and it was Gay Pride. So me being a bit high was NOTHING compared to the chaos in the streets. I probably should have gone to run in the park but instead I took to the streets and spent my time weaving in between bike lanes, scooters and people way more fucked up than me. This may have been ill advised but I made it fine and is common enough if you live here.

My Findings:

You really do not feel your legs in the same way, you are not numb but overall your body feels more unified. My first three kilometers flew by with a distinctly faster speed (-30 seconds each).

You just breathe. Your natural instincts take over and you don’t need to “think about your breathing.” This is a nice side effect.

You run through your high into another one. While both natural high’s, your endorphins will kick in and the runner’s high will take over from the marijuana. STAY HIGH.

Eventually pending how you are feeling that day your natural physicality will take over. Smoking is not going to make you super-human or bust out a half-marathon out of nowhere. You have to train for that. It simply takes the edge off in a big way and is a super pleasant way to start your run.

A nice six-kilometer fun run and I came home completely sober and chilled.

My Tips:

Know your dose. Not too much, just right.
Know your route. Run where you are comfortable.
Know yourself. Pay attention to your body.