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I'm a northerner living in Amsterdam, searching for adventures. I've had a love/hate relationship with running all my life, the past few years I've been more in love with it....it's challenged me, motivated me and took me on adventures. When I'm not running you'll find me on a bike / surfboard / snowboard or in my trusty red van!!

nike last

Nike ‘Last’

Nike salutes the last place marathon finisher in it’s latest ad.  I’ve been the person towards the back of the race, dodging the paper cups and wet sponges, hoping at least some of the supporters would still be on the roadside offering shouts of encouragement…and that was after I’d trained to complete the race. Now […]

Nike Photosynthesis Pack

Nike Photosynthesis Pack

I have thing for flowers, it’s something I’ve grown into with age.  I seem to be embracing my femininity as I get older,  I’ve always been a tomboy and I still think I’m part teenage boy and part 30 year old woman in my style.  When I saw the Nike Photosynthesis pack I was instantly […]

Energy gels – What works for me.

Energy gels, a necessary evil? The act of gulping down a sugary syrup when you’re knackered and thirsty doesn’t fill me with joy but they seem to do the trick when you physically and mentally need a boost when you’re about to hit a wall (whilst running) or bonk (on a bike). Like electrolyte drinks […]

Nike Flyknit Zoom Agility

I’ve been waiting for the Nike Flyknit Zoom Agility to release for what feels like forever. I’m already a big fan of the zoom agility, a women’s training shoe with the innovative Hex-Zoom outsole, and as soon as I heard they’d be releasing a Flyknit version in that colourway I knew I had to have them. […]

Electrolyte drinks – what works for me.

I’d never been a massive fan of energy drinks, bars or shakes and my hydration routine had always been a glass of water and then a glass of Vimto (the amber nectar for us Brits) after my run, and it had always worked quite well for me. When I started training for a half marathon […]

Slow Coach

I tend to run on my own a lot of the time, partly because it’s time where I can just go out and de-stress, plot plans or work things out in my head and partly because I’m a pretty slow runner and don’t like the pressure of having to run faster or the guilt of […]

Are you a runner?

So, are you a runner? I get asked this question a lot and to be honest I never really know how to answer it.  I like to run, sometimes I love to run and sometimes I want to do something else, it sort of depends on what goals I’ve set myself and what mood I’m in. […]

Nikelab Zoom Hypercross Trainer

Nikelab Zoom Hypercross Trainer

Nike just announced the launch of their latest training shoe, the Nikelab Zoom Hypercross Trainer.  We’re starting to see more training shoes in the market and I can confess I only recently started to differentiate what I put on my feet for different forms of exercise…..I was a one shoe fits all. As I started […]