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Running saved my life. With it I've found a way to fight against my depression. All about less is more. More books, always. Loud laugh and a big smile. Lovers gonna Love. Happy dancing. Running and writing to find that me I truly am. PMA. Proud member of Still Waters Run Deep MCR. Ambassador for Arctic Warriors , Dirtbag Runners, Ruoto for Flyfishing store, The Natural Goods Company and Prasad Finland.

Mojo Lost

Mojo lost, what to do? Will it come back or keep being under something and not letting me enjoy running again? After having the best race at summer, with my Samsoe Ultra, I took good three weeks off from running. On purpose to really let my body recover and also because I wanted to be […]

over training

Is More Really Better?

As I’m getting ready to run my third trail Ultra next weekend, I’ve been thinking about training (and the amount of training I do) a lot. I’m used to being on my lonesome when it comes to training and what I was doing to get better at the sport. However,  now I am surrounded with […]

How Running Can Change Your Whole Self

“Running saved my life”, the thing I say when I talk about how I got into running. But not only did running save my life from my drowning in depression, it opened me up to who I really am, or more like gave me tools to unleash who I really am. Of course running changes […]

crew love

The Power Of The Cheer

I never realized just how important cheering in a race truly is before doing it myself a couple of weekends ago during the Berlin Half. Obviously during my own few races, I’ve ran past my amazing friends while they are cheering like crazy, got hugs and felt like I can do anything, but I’ve never […]

Conquering Your Fear

How it feels when you conquer that fear that has been haunting you? Well, let me tell you… A little over a week ago I was super lost with my Ultra training. I was just afraid of the distance like I wrote here before. The fear wasn’t going anywhere. Then all of sudden I got tired of […]

Distance Fear

Whether it’s a 5K, Half Marathon or an Ultra, the thought of the distance can really mess with your head. I have a big goal of my own at the minute, I’m training for my first Ultra Marathon. As I started this week I realized that I have three months and no real training behind […]

Next Level Layering

December 23rd 2014, in Ruka, Kuusamo, Finland. It’s so beautiful outside that it feels like a fairytale, but it’s also -24C degrees with wind chill -31C. For me this is normal for winter, as I’m born and raised in Finland. But for many, as I’ve understood, this is far from normal. So how am I […]

Forrest running

Find Your Happy place, and run to it

Yeah, your happy place! That place you go to, or thing you do, that makes your whole soul, body and mind purr like a cat from happiness. Makes you breath easier and you can just be in peace. For me that place these days is in the middle of a forest here in Finland, though […]


Super Creamy Sunday Soup

Now that these cold almost winter days are here, it’s nice to eat something that warms your soul and body. This soup is perfect after a long Sunday run or walk, or just for a any day of the week. I actually planned on doing just a simple pumpkin soup but while I was cooking […]

Bars for days

I have been wanting to try to make granola bars for a really long time, and for some reason I thought that they were super hard to make… Well hello, I was wrong. It takes about 10-15min to make the mix and then you just pop them into oven. I didn’t want to make any […]