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Written by Wayne Holland

Been running on and off for many years now. Only started becoming serious about it 3 or so years ago. Done a few 10Ks up in Manchester one failed Marathon attempt and one successful one in NYC last year. Possible one of the best things I’ve ever done. Hoping to do it again with many more conquests in the future - Follow my tips tricks and stories here and feel free to get in touch.

Bridge The Gap with Mike Saes

New York’s own Mighty Healthy capture Mike Saes‘s thoughts on New York inner city running and the new subculture. Mike, founder of Bridge Runners, is a big influence in the urban running scene. Referred to as The Godfather his fresh ideas are pushing this thriving movement into new and exciting territory. Keep up-to-date with Mike […]

Run it out – with Robin Arzon

If you aren’t already following the amazing Robin Arzon, you should be. This New York habitant is an inspiration to many. A member of the Bridgerunners she’s also a focal point in the urban running scene across the world. Her story is one of courage, pushing the norm and undoing the ordinary. She has set […]