Bridge The Gap with Mike Saes

New York’s own Mighty Healthy capture Mike Saes‘s thoughts on New York inner city running and the new subculture. Mike, founder of Bridge Runners, is a big influence in the urban running scene. Referred to as The Godfather his fresh ideas are pushing this thriving movement into new and exciting territory. Keep up-to-date with Mike […]

Run it out – with Robin Arzon

If you aren’t already following the amazing Robin Arzon, you should be. This New York habitant is an inspiration to many. A member of the Bridgerunners she’s also a focal point in the urban running scene across the world. Her story is one of courage, pushing the norm and undoing the ordinary. She has set […]

over training

Is More Really Better?

As I’m getting ready to run my third trail Ultra next weekend, I’ve been thinking about training (and the amount of training I do) a lot. I’m used to being on my lonesome when it comes to training and what I was doing to get better at the sport. However,  now I am surrounded with […]

mile 21

Mile 21

I was in a bad way, the euphoria of reaching my furthest ever distance of 19 miles was soon eradicated as the dark grey clouds and the hot, sticky, autumnal rain started to close in on me. It was Mile 21 of the Liverpool Marathon 2011, and I was hurting. Miles 1 to 15 were […]

Kyle Dietz Trail Runner

Kyle Dietz, Trail Fighter

After a successful career as a professional MMA fighter, Kyle Dietz was looking for a new challenge…Trail Running. Currently living in Iowa, Kyle found that new challenge as a mountain runner. The strength (both physical and mental) he developed as a fighter were put to use as he fell in love with the trail, the […]

How Running Can Change Your Whole Self

“Running saved my life”, the thing I say when I talk about how I got into running. But not only did running save my life from my drowning in depression, it opened me up to who I really am, or more like gave me tools to unleash who I really am. Of course running changes […]

Heaven to hell. The ups and the downs

One of the things I love most about running is that apart from the physical, it also has deep physiological connections and connotations. Everyone who runs has their own personal story and if you talk to a fellow runner about theirs there will undoubtedly be similarities that bonds us all together, but you will also quickly realise […]

Race Review| North London Half Marathon

  At the End of 2014 I set myself 2 new running goals; a Sub 22 min 5K and a Sub 1:45 Half marathon. With 3 half marathons booked before the end of May 2015 there wasn’t going to be a shortage of runs to achieve the second of my goals. The First opportunity was […]