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Kyserun Krew
Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur

The crew originally started in 2013 as a training run for a rugby team called KYSER Rugby club.

However, by the second week, only a handful of the Rugby club remained. But the people that did stick around realised we were onto a good thing and we wanted to keep the crew going. So, we continued having the weekly session…after two years we are not that hopeful that the rugby players will turn up again.

Our OG route is Hartamas (meet up: Petronas, Hartamas). If we want a hill workout it’ll be at Bukit Damansara (meet up: Menara Manulife). Or we meet up at Thursdvys, TTDI (a coffee place) if we want to stick around for coffee and socialise afterwards. Whenever there is a guest in town, we meet up at KLCC for a special run amongst the skyscrapers. Our Track workouts are held at MPSJ, Subang Jaya.


Many places around KL. We rotate to keep things interesting.

Tuesday is Track Day @ MPSJ, Subang Jaya.
Friday is our official weekly run @ rotate between 3 places above.
Sat/Sun – occasionally we do trail run if we don’t have races.

Number of members
Roughly 50. Around 15-20 per session.

Pace groups
– Felix >7min/km
– Panther 5-6min/km
– Tiger Wolf sub 5min/km
– Savannah is to focus on empowering women. NTC etc

Crew captains
– Ayisy
– Haziq
– Alif
– Syed
– Zul

August 2013