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Night Terrors Run Crew
Toronto, Canada

The Night Terrors Run Crew (NTRC) started as a night of mischief among girlfriends. Night Terrors founder Aimee Laurel thought that running the streets of Toronto at night would be first hilarious and second fun. She started an Instagram account to document the Terrors’ endeavours.

The Night Terrors’ online presence made crew running more accessible and its reach has friends and followers from all over the world. After gathering momentum, the group has run together on countless marathons and races and has expanded from Toronto to Los Angeles

Night Terrors Run Crew is not your average run club. For one, we are not a club but a group of runners who run to have fun. We start together, finish together, no one left behind.

Through running, we visit cool places such as festival spots, street art murals, historical buildings, nature trails and food spots you wouldn’t normally visit. We take photos, post these in social media as a way to tell people: you can do it too just lace up, don’t just run a regular route, be open to explore your city.


Trinity Bellwoods Park, Strachan Gates
Monday 8PM, Thursday 8PM, Saturday 9AM

Number of members
50 and growing

Pace groups
Short and long routes are always available but our focus is to start and finish together, no one left behind.

Crew captains
Ask for the person who’s never in the group photos but will happily take yours, AKA, William

May 2013