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About Pavement Bound

Pavement Bound is a global community of runners and creative thinkers from around the world, bound together by a shared love of hitting the streets and trails in order to give them the a unique outlook on life and space to think.


Everyone who runs has a story to tell. The beauty of running is that the story need never have a finishing line. It can take twists. It can take turns. It can take you to somewhere unexpected. A personal journey of discovery. Like your best runs, if you get lost in it you may just end up somewhere even better than you imagined.

Whether you’re a lone wolf hitting the streets, competing with yourself. Whether you’re part of a crew, united by a love for your city, good people and chewing up KMs. We’re your online home.

We’re writers, photographers and designers. We’re product people. We’re product addicts. We’re music lovers. We’re life lovers. We’re anyone who has and interesting story to tell, and an interesting aesthetic to tell it. We’re you.

Pavement Bound is the only place that documents what’s truly relevant to our global running family. We’ll give you some of the best stories from people all around the world. We’ll show you the best images of what’s happening on the streets of MCR, LDN, AMS, PDX, NYC and anywhere else there’s a bunch of rad people who understand the buzz of repeatedly putting one foot in front of the other.

Let us introduce you to the footwear, clothing and tech that you need to up your game or just look a little fresher as you fly. Let us share our dietary wins (and losses). Whether you’re just starting out or you’re a gnarly seasoned vet, let’s grow together. Let’s get fast together.

We’re a place to find out about all the best running crews in cities across the world. And we’ll be a place you can find out about the best races and meet ups, spreading a little bit of the global crew love.

We’re a community. We’re a family. We’re runners. We’re bound.