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I've discovered something beautiful. Something that makes me feel all zen and gooey. I spend all day thinking about my next one and as soon as it’s over I need a shower. I first got in to it because of the Internetz but, nah bro, it ain’t what you think it is. It’s running.


Hot off the heels of our interview with Charlie Dark from Run Dem, we sat down with one of the BTG movement’s biggest and most recognizable characters…Jay Smith, leader of Paris Run Club to find out how PRC started and how he reallllllly feels about running… Who are you?  I’m Jay Smith co founder of […]

charlie dark run dem crew pavement bound


Last September, during our trip out to Copenhagen for the Half Marathon we got some quality time with Mr Daddy Dark himself, aka Charlie during the BTG afterparty thrown by the NBRO crew. After sharing war stories of the race, and receiving some encouraging words on what we’re doing with Pavement Bound we agreed to […]

Nike Run Guide

Nike Run Club; Ready, Set, Go.

We’re all meant to be runners. That’s a pretty bold claim, but essentially true. What is also true is that once you find the joy of running (or once you find it again after losing it as is happening to me right now) it brings way more to your life than it takes out. But…it […]

mike Saes


Mike Saes shouldn’t really need any introduction. One of the founding fathers of the BTG movement (alongside co-founder of NYC’s Bridge Runners – Cedric Hernandez). He basically re-wrote the rule book of what running could and should be, and continues to do so to this day. He’s also one of the nicest and most interesting men […]


Nike Running Competitor Pack launches

The brand new Nike Running Competitor pack takes 3 of the Nike running family’s fastest silhouettes and applies the colours of this year’s race season to a pack of 6 shoes that are designed to both look and be fast (all featuring the ultra-responsive Nike Zoom Air technology). We’re a big fan of volt and grey on any Nike […]

Kyle Dietz Trail Runner

Kyle Dietz, Trail Fighter

After a successful career as a professional MMA fighter, Kyle Dietz was looking for a new challenge…Trail Running. Currently living in Iowa, Kyle found that new challenge as a mountain runner. The strength (both physical and mental) he developed as a fighter were put to use as he fell in love with the trail, the […]

Ciele Athletics SS15

Back in November we wrote a little piece on a new brand that we’d seen on the Insta-webs that had peaked our attention (sorry for the terrible pun)…Ciele Athletics. In the last 6 months Ciele have gone from strength to strength, expanding on their initial product offer with the SS15 collection. The SS15 collection builds […]

Heaven to hell. The ups and the downs

One of the things I love most about running is that apart from the physical, it also has deep physiological connections and connotations. Everyone who runs has their own personal story and if you talk to a fellow runner about theirs there will undoubtedly be similarities that bonds us all together, but you will also quickly realise […]