Speed in the Desert

Speed in the Desert What would make someone run from Santa Monica to Las Vegas? This is a question I’ve asked myself over the past few years and what I’ve come to realize is that there is no “why?”, but rather “who?”. The “who?” is why I originally asked myself this seemingly obscure question, so […]

Nike Run Guide

Nike Run Club; Ready, Set, Go.

We’re all meant to be runners. That’s a pretty bold claim, but essentially true. What is also true is that once you find the joy of running (or once you find it again after losing it as is happening to me right now) it brings way more to your life than it takes out. But…it […]

Mojo Lost

Mojo lost, what to do? Will it come back or keep being under something and not letting me enjoy running again? After having the best race at summer, with my Samsoe Ultra, I took good three weeks off from running. On purpose to really let my body recover and also because I wanted to be […]

nike last

Nike ‘Last’

Nike salutes the last place marathon finisher in it’s latest ad.  I’ve been the person towards the back of the race, dodging the paper cups and wet sponges, hoping at least some of the supporters would still be on the roadside offering shouts of encouragement…and that was after I’d trained to complete the race. Now […]


Nike Running Competitor Pack launches

The brand new Nike Running Competitor pack takes 3 of the Nike running family’s fastest silhouettes and applies the colours of this year’s race season to a pack of 6 shoes that are designed to both look and be fast (all featuring the ultra-responsive Nike Zoom Air technology). We’re a big fan of volt and grey on any Nike […]

Bound Bangers

We would like to introduce Bound Bangers, our new weekly drop about tracks that makes us crush kilometers out of the gate. This week we feature the new joint from Young Thug – “Pacifier” created by the heat maker Mike Will Made It. Mike Will Made It is responsible for more jams in your iphone […]

Nike Photosynthesis Pack

Nike Photosynthesis Pack

I have thing for flowers, it’s something I’ve grown into with age.  I seem to be embracing my femininity as I get older,  I’ve always been a tomboy and I still think I’m part teenage boy and part 30 year old woman in my style.  When I saw the Nike Photosynthesis pack I was instantly […]

Ciele Athletics SS15

Back in November we wrote a little piece on a new brand that we’d seen on the Insta-webs that had peaked our attention (sorry for the terrible pun)…Ciele Athletics. In the last 6 months Ciele have gone from strength to strength, expanding on their initial product offer with the SS15 collection. The SS15 collection builds […]