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Ciele Athletics

We’ve had our eyes peeled (so to speak) on Ciele Athletics for a little while now.

Based in Montreal, Canada, these young cats have been working on a solid product that is a welcome addition to a small range of brands that deliver in both style and performance, something that our culture so desperately needs more of.

In stark contrast to the usual bland #runnerd sports caps available Ciele’s GoCap brings some swagger and well thought out design to this overlooked, but essential, sports accessory.

Don’t be fooled by it’s good looks though, Ciele Athletics pack a pretty legit tech punch into the GoCap.

The GoCap is made from super lightweight fast drying COOLwick fabric and UV protection fabric  (UPF +40) on the peak and front panel.

The reflective labelling on the front and back keep you safe, visible and ‘FRESH-to-3M-death’ during those late night or early morning runs.

Finally (from a tech spec vibe) The GoCaps brim is soft and pliable, eliminating pressure points on your weary fod (forehead for the non Mancunians out there) which also makes it easier to fold into your jacket or backpack when not wearing it.

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The Ciele GoCap is available in 9 different colourways for now, each with their own unique vibe (and for the sneaker connoisseurs out there reading this, a healthy nod to some classic shoes).

Although designed for running, these badboys look so good I’m pretty sure you’ll be seeing them on the heads of the global running fam post run too.

The GoCap can be found at www.cieleathletics.com (ships worldwide) and a select group of running and outdoor retailers throughout Canada and the USA. We’ve also heard from a little birdy that they’ll be dropping a bunch of new colourways and two new styles in the new year…so we’ll be keeping an even closer eye on them and bringing you a review of their range soon.

Last of all, as they’re all kinds of rad they’ve created a little mix to run too which you can take a listen to below. You can also listen to this whilst just chilling at your desk watching cat videos…no one will check, we promise.