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adidas launch the adizero Prime Boost

Knitted footwear has proven to be pretty popular amongst the style conscious runners amongst us (I am a fully signed up member to the style before safety philosophy). It  fits the performance bill, is allegedly more eco-friendly (based on more efficient methods of production) and looks HELLA FRESH!

But what’s special about the adizero Prime Boost?

Most of the early interpretations of adidas’ knitted offering, Primeknit, were slightly overshadowed by accusations of ‘biter-itus’, which was a shame as they were/are excellent running shoes and a strong product offer in their own right.  

For Holiday 14, adidas continues to push this innovation (which is now fully established as one of its marquee pieces of running technology) with the announcement of the new reflective Primeknit, the adizero Prime Boost…coming through in all it’s monochromatic 3M reflective beauty.

Boxes being checked, left, right and centre.

To further fuel the fire, and in a stroke of hype-boi genius, adidas are releasing the adizero Prime Boost in a limited run of 1,267 pairs. Why such a random number you ask…well because each pair of reflective adizero Prime Boost features a total of 1,267 meters worth of reflective yarn.


The adizero Prime Boost is a real strength in adidas’ running amouray,  the subtle and  on-trend addition of 3M really makes this a beautiful shoe…bravo adidas, you’ve smashed it this time.

The adidas adizero Prime Boost will be available on  December 19th 2014, from select retailers globally (here will probably be a good place to check in).

Stay visible. Stay fly.