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Parrot Zik Sport Headphones

I have beef with headphones.

I love music when running. To be honest, one of the main reason’s I took up running in the first place was to get chance to listen to some new music, distraction free. 30 mins to an hour each day to bang out some old jams or discover some new future classics. Pow. My happy place.

Headphones, or more accurately, my sweaty-ass weird shaped ears, are trying to ruin that happy place. I’ve tried multiple brands. Varied styles. They all end up the same….me jabbing them as far down my lobes as they will go at about 3km into my run…taking out a few hundred of my precious stereocilia (those little hairs that help you hear and shit) as I ram plastic and metal firmly and repeatedly into place.

However, my man Phillipe Starck has taken a break from designing sexy hotels and teamed up with Parrot to hopefully put an end to all this with the (weirdly named) Zik Sports headphones.

Weighing in at a feather bothering 75 grams, they’re wireless (no getting caught on my jacket as my arms flail about) and the ‘One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest’ style sponge headband thingys are designed for ultimate stability and comfort to keep everything in place…including my happy place.

The Zik Sport also incorporate eight microphones into their future friendly chrome-finished body…six of which are used purely for noise cancellation leaving two for crystal clear voice calling ( “Yo, wifey get the chocolate¬†milk on ice, I’m 1km away from home!” ).

They’re also sweat resistant. Which is a big ting for some people…apparently.