Red Bull Wings For Life World Run

Stephen Adjaidoo (LDN Brunch Club & Run Dem Crew) was one of 74,000 runners across 35 worldwide locations to run the Red Bull Wings For Life World Run. The Red Bull Wings for Life World Run is a global running and wheelchair race, held simultaneously at 11 am UTC on May 3, 2015. In each […]

crew love

The Power Of The Cheer

I never realized just how important cheering in a race truly is before doing it myself a couple of weekends ago during the Berlin Half. Obviously during my own few races, I’ve ran past my amazing friends while they are cheering like crazy, got hugs and felt like I can do anything, but I’ve never […]

Steve Prefontaine The Rockstar Runner

Steve Prefontaine, or ‘Pre’ as he was known to his people, was the original ‘Rockstar Runner’. He was a kid from Coos Bay in Oregon, high up in the rainy North West of the United States. He had one leg shorter than the other and from a young age he was told he was too […]

kai heuser Run Pack Berlin

PB Interviews #1 Kai Heuser from Run Pack Berlin

In our continued efforts to shed a little light on the global running community and the bad ass people that make it work, and make the vibes and culture what they are, we broke (digital) bread with co-founder of Berlin’s mighty Run Pack  – Kai Heuser. We talked about his personal journey as a runner […]

fell running

Running up hills , for fun

Being from t’north I can assure you on this; the term “fell” is an often used Northern England expression for hill or mountain. Being a Northerner I can also almost 100% guarantee that this phrase came about from someone taking the piss out of his mate as he tumbled ass f’tit down one of the […]

Pre Race Week Prep. The Taper.

To build on my PT progress I’ve been studying biomechanics and running composition whilst speaking to some top physios here in Manchester to get a greater understanding of how athletes prepare and recover for events. Unfortunately due to back injuries and two sprained ankles I wasn’t able to follow my own programme, having a rough […]


Pavement Bound Mix Series Vol. 1 – BANKRUPT

Running and I have shared stops and starts. For a long time I never loved running. I ran to keep the blues away, or ran because I wasn’t hitting the gym that day and it seemed easier. I played Football (soccer) for years and ran to keep speed up. Recently though running became something much more out of […]

Conquering Your Fear

How it feels when you conquer that fear that has been haunting you? Well, let me tell you… A little over a week ago I was super lost with my Ultra training. I was just afraid of the distance like I wrote here before. The fear wasn’t going anywhere. Then all of sudden I got tired of […]