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Nikelab Zoom Hypercross Trainer

Nike just announced the launch of their latest training shoe, the Nikelab Zoom Hypercross Trainer.  We’re starting to see more training shoes in the market and I can confess I only recently started to differentiate what I put on my feet for different forms of exercise…..I was a one shoe fits all.

As I started to run more I realised my feet were getting cramps and I was losing some strength in them, so I decided to invest in some training shoes, these are kept for indoor exercising, in the gym, a NTC class or when I’m brave a cross fit class.  At first my feet would feel achy in the class but after a couple of sessions they felt stronger and the cramps started to ease…..I was sort of working my feet out.

Training shoes are designed to help you get more traction on indoor surfaces, feel stable when you’re lifting something heavy and they allow your foot to feel the floor and feel comfortable.

This latest offering from Nike looks good enough to wear outside of a cross fit class and has the eye catching ‘Lebron’ outsole to boot.

Ultralight and crafted for versatile quickness, the design unites the latest Nike innovations, from hexagonal Zoom Air to dynamic Flywire support, to celebrate a new dawning of training.  Available November 26 at nike.com/nikelab and the following #NikeLab destinations: #21MNYC #1948LDN #P75PARIS #LNZ1MILAN #X158SHANGHAI

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