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Nike #betterforit campaign

We’ve all been there, in the gym stuck behind a group of girls who look like they’re fresh from the runway, perfect outfit, no sweat and no fat, or being what feels like half way through your run when you’re actually only 1 mile in and that time you took the brave step to try yoga to find yourself in the class having no clue (oh and you’ve realised no balance).

Nike newest advert #betterforit feels like a shift for the brand, they’re not telling you to win anything or beat anyone but to just give it a go, they highlight some of the insecurities we all feel as women working out in a fun, lighthearted way.  It feels more inclusive yet still has a kickass subtext that motivates you to wanna finish that class or run you set out on.

I’m a fan of the new campaign from Nike but the first thing that sprung to mind when I saw it was the (in my opinion amazing) campaign from Sport England  ‘this girl can’.

Watching this was like having a flash back to my teenage years, it’s raw, gritty and shows real girls giving it their all in an attempt to get those happy endorpins we get from working out, it made me wanna go for a run and sweat my ass off.

Anything that encourages girls and women to be more active gets my vote, it keeps you fit and healty, keeps your mind sharp and in general makes us all happier cats.