Following on from the interview with Bridge Runner’s Mike Saes last week, his partner in CREW LOVE Cedric Hernandez blessed us with some time in between taking 50ft leg breakers on holiday in Jamaica!

For those that don’t know Coach Ced is one of the nicest and humble dudes you’ll meet…but don’t get it twisted, he’s also an incredible athlete and after spending 10 minutes walking through the LES with him it’s pretty clear he’s an LES legend too. Although he’d never tell you either himself.

Cedric Hernandez

(Majority of photos by Akira Ruiz)

Who are you? 
Cedric Hernandez, 33, born and raised in NYC from Dominican Republic parents and co leader and captain of the NYC Bridge Runners.

Everyone has their own unique story about why they first started running, and how those first few KMs turned into a passion. How did this go for you?
Just ran with Mike and some of the old school peeps and knew it was my thing, because before that I was running on treadmills and I just did it because it was necessary. Running with Mike and seeing the opportunity to help many in my community.

How did BR start?
Bridge Runners start can be told by Saes, but when I came in I made it my responsibility to bring in my neighbourhood of the Lower East Side and make it a much more urban crew.

What does BR mean to you personally?
An opportunity to change people’s perspective of running and a way to see and get to know the real New York while getting a workout in. The places that a tourist guide won’t dare to take you, or doesn’t know about it. A great way to meet positive people from all around the world on a weekly basis.

BR started so much good, and changed so many lives globally…have you ever stopped to think about all the lives you’ve directly and indirectly touched?
I do and that’s what makes me want to continue doing it for the rest of my life. I believe in karma and I think I’m doing good here. I even joke with my runners that have met their significant other through us…I tell them when they thank the people in their lives at their wedding that they better thank Saes and I because if it weren’t for BR they would have never met. Haha


NYC is a very unique, and you’re a True Yorker!  How do you make the most of the city as a training partner?
I make the most of it by trying to find new places all the time to give them what even true Yorkers might have never found. Exploring is the key and Mike is always on the hunt for new spots. It’s a great place to be our training partners because not only can we run forever but we will give you an experience.

And how does your own personal creativity add to this, and your running?
Personal creativity is the key, from doing pull-ups on the corner on a stop light signal or a scaffold, to finding a park with a workout area, hitting the stairs hard every time we go up them, and finishing strong every time we are in the final stretch on a bridge.

What is the best thing being that starting up BR has brought to you?
The people we have been able to help, and the people all around I have been able to meet.

And the worst/most challenging?
When I did 365 days of 5k or more and in one of those days I ran a 100 miles in a day and to get up and run a 5k the next day was torture!


What do you think is the most interesting thing happening in the global street running culture right now?
That more and more people want to be down, so the crews keep growing and are popping up in every continent.

What does the idea of BTG mean to you?
It means a world of people into the same thing and it doesn’t matter if your culture or language is different because running and partying is all one language and that’s what we do.


We notice more and more street runners are experimenting with trail running, ultras and other sports, what’s your view on this trend?
I think it’s great that they are doing that because they are into it and it’s only helping them, and hopefully they are inspiring others the way we were able to with our 100 mile run through NYC.

What are your personal running goals for 2015?
No goals, just to get more people out there and helping them change their lives for the better is my goal every year. If there is something I can do to inspire another person then I’ll try my best to accomplish that.

What’s your favourite running related product or item?
Probably my phone because it has my miles, I can take pictures of the beauties from all around the world while I run and if I’m running alone I love me some good music that keeps me going when I need that extra push.