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Nike ‘Last’

Nike salutes the last place marathon finisher in it’s latest ad.  I’ve been the person towards the back of the race, dodging the paper cups and wet sponges, hoping at least some of the supporters would still be on the roadside offering shouts of encouragement…and that was after I’d trained to complete the race.

Now is a little different.  This year has been mainly dedicated to cycling, I’ve spent a lot and I mean a lot of time on my bike. I’ve achieved some amazing things, I rasied money whilst cycling from London to Paris and I was one of less than 500 women to finish this years L’etape du Tour.  #girlpower

In short I haven’t run for months, my hips ache at the thought of a 5km jog.  However, the ‘Last’ ad has given me a little reality check. I don’t need to be Mo Farah to go for a 5km run.  Time to dust off those running shoes…