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Mojo Lost

Mojo lost, what to do? Will it come back or keep being under something and not letting me enjoy running again?

After having the best race at summer, with my Samsoe Ultra, I took good three weeks off from running. On purpose to really let my body recover and also because I wanted to be running free during my summer holiday. I did take my running stuff with me, but just didn’t feel like running. I did feel the tension build in my head but didn’t think more about it.

Now, a week after running the Copenhagen Half, I’m still wondering where my mojo is. From the end of July to now, I have had no real interest in running. I’ve run,  but they’ve felt hard and just exhausting at a whole new level and I’ve been wondering if I even should still be doing this whole thing.

As always, the main reason for this all is probably simple. Life has gotten in the way of running. While it before was the way to deal with things, now it has been feeling like a extra pressure, not a release. A bit of a worrying feeling to be honest. Obviously that and lack of training made the CPH half feel extra hard.

But after the race I felt good, I felt like it was a good race. I had fun, even though it was hard. I was running it with a great friend. Being there for each other. Which is the best thing I know. However, I still have no interest in running right now. Maybe my body is trying to say calm down a bit, you’ll get back in your own time.

I even felt a bit guilty at one point last month when I was more than able to run but just didn’t feel like it and I had good friends struggling with injuries and who would’ve done anything to get back to running.

Maybe I need to start from scratch and find the ease and happiness back in my running. Not train for anything. Just run.

That’s it, just run. Nothing else. Forget the pressure, training plans and everything.

Just run.