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Nike Run Club; Ready, Set, Go.

We’re all meant to be runners. That’s a pretty bold claim, but essentially true.

What is also true is that once you find the joy of running (or once you find it again after losing it as is happening to me right now) it brings way more to your life than it takes out.

But…it can be intimidating¬†to start. As a newbie or lapsed runner you see that Insta life that we’re all guilty of posting and it’s a double edged sword. You wanna join in cos it looks like so much fun, but it also looks like everyone’s out setting world records and doing ultra’s before breakfast.

It put me off for years. (You can check my journey of how I got back into running and what worked for me here).

Nike have been using their social power to encourage people to join a local Run Club as a way into the sport we all love, and they’ve also followed it up with this super useful guide to running for beginners.

You can download the full version for free here, but we’ve pulled out some of the top tips above.

There’s also several guides to help you train for specific distances which you can peep here.

There’s plenty more in there though, so you should take the time to download the full thing, even if just for the amazing illustrations that accompany¬†it.

Now, get back out there…it ain’t that hard really.

Not every run will be your furthest or fastest, but every run is an achievement and should be seen as such.

Preach on.