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PAVEMENT BOUND Mix Series Vol. 4 with Skinny Macho (BOILER ROOM)

The man, the myth, the legend, host, DJ and programmer for the world famous Boiler Room and NTS RADIO. He goes by many names, so many so that I had to ask a few people upon meeting him which he preferred.

Skinny Macho, Drew, Jeff, Kevin, and Blackfoot Phoenix. I still actually have no idea what his real name is..but everyone calls him Skinny.

With so much mystery, I really cannot do him justice in this intro. So I will let Skinny paint the picture of him hopping in with questionable legality into the London Marathon.

The race was about to start in 5 mins, and the only other option was to join the elites as they were the first to set off. So I jumped over the barrier and got myself in the middle, looking sketchy as fuck, everyone was looking at me. I stayed in the middle just in case the security on the side pulled me out. I stayed there only until the race started, then I could be free to run the race properly.

I had made a fake bib. It had ran out of ink from all the run thru showers they had during the race, so half the text was missing. plus the last 100m is on TV so they don’t want a counterfeit bib getting through, HAHHA. Those fuckers pulled me out 100m from the finish line man. all that running for no fucking medal! I tried to go in the normal way, like two of my friends did with fake bibs too, but I got caught, didn’t I.

They wanted to arrest me, but I just jumped over the barrier towards the end and ran up to green park station. I got on the tube & went home to sleep, lol.

It is this kind of passion for everything he does that we have so much respect and love for — as well as this BANGER of a mix from Skinny himself.

No one runs a complete steady pace all the way. There are many (tempo) intervals in this mix, a loose representation of how I run that basically.

How did you start running, any story behind it and where you are now?

I guess it started from secondary school days. We were forced to do cross country 4 times a year as part of our P.E. curriculum. Then I kinda got into it. I use to run at like 6/7 AM around the rugby pitches a few times at school before breakfast (I was sent to boarding school for 4 years). I’d see a couple of the older kids running in the morning when I looked out my window and I thought let me try that shit.

But I landed back on ends for college and all the extra curriculum activities I took part in at school stopped. Started fidgeting a hell of a lot. All my energy went it into “bad stuff” for a while & landed me in hot water frequently. So I set out to deal with this “energy”. Long story short, I linked up with James Massiah (who doesn’t run anymore) who introduced me to Charlie Dark and his Run Dem Crew back in 2010/2011 and have been (in & out) there ever since. Being there has been a blessing. Run Dem Crew & the RDCBRIDGETHEGAP movement is inspiring. It kickstarted a lot running families around the world.

What gets you amped to run? What helps you push through those harder moments?

It’s a weird one. Some people run to lose weight or get fit or train for a good one etc.I run for fun, to kill this excess energy I have & also to have a big meal at the end. That’s my treat, the faster I run the quicker I get to sit down and EAT. I’m always thinking about food when I run, lol. Don’t know what the logic is, but it is what it is. Obviously I don’t skip corners. It’s all legit, I complete the route I intend to do. Sometimes track it with Nike+, sometimes don’t.

What kind of music do you like to run to? Your own, stuff you don’t play or dj with?

I have no preference. It literally depends how I feel that day/night. ipod shuffle, soundcloud shuffle, bandcamp shuffle, 22tracks, promos sent to me, an old mix or new mix I made that I need to listen over or sometimes chatting on the phone, lol. Although rap and trap and fast tempo tracks help me complete faster. I feel like I’m sonic the hedgehog or roadrunner.

What’s the running culture like in your city? Is there a city you love running in more?

The running culture in London is… I get inspired & jealous by people running in the street on a daily.

My office is situated in Wapping and at lunch time I see people appearing from nowhere in their running gear just running like it’s some sort of race. I always ask them as they run past “is this a race” or “how do i get involved” but they just air me, lol. Might just have to join them one time.

But to be honest I just love running in different cities. What keeps me running is booking races in different cities, only so I can link up with the running crew/s there & run with them in their city – meet new people, check out their culture etc. Same if I’m travelling for work, I always pack my running gear in my bag (if I have space) & head out to the streets or try reach out to the main running click in that city.

Any particular tracks on this mix that you think are going to make people fly? What can people expect?

Just press play man. The element of surprise is always the best. YOU DECIDE WHICH TRACK/S MAKE YOU FLY!
(Small Hint – The 1 hour mark is basically where you step up the pace)

We hope you enjoy the mix #PavementBound