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Pavement Bound Mix Series Vol .5 DJ Platurn

We have been holding back on releasing the following interview  and mix from DJ Platurn for a minute as we were looking for the right time to drop it… (it’s that good).

But with the recent fuckeries of the wholeTeam Drake or Team Meek situation and Twitter fingers talking about ghostwriting now seems appropriate for a mix that focuses on three mic-rockers from the hip-hop pantheon who we would actually vote into in the lyricist hall of fame – Posdnuos, Dave, and Maceo of De La Soul.

But let’s not forget about Platurn himself here. The Bay Area’s hometown hero is what we grew up knowing DJ’s to be. A master on the wheels of steel and founding member of the Oakland Faders Crew.

Not the fist pumping gel haired douchebags dropping pre-recorded mixes today.
We see you fuccboi’s.

Beyond crushing sets all over the world, Platurn keeps balance of his night life with late night runs.

Now, press play and check out what running means to ya’boy…

Tell us about yourself

DJ Platurn from Oakland, California. Iceland born, Cali raised. Record nerd, staunch advocate for the blue collar DJ, defender of the common man, sea food lover, travel junkie, workaholic, and a friend to dogs everywhere.

How did you start running, any story behind it and where you are now?

I woke up one day feeling like shit and went for a run. That was almost 3 years ago and I haven’t stopped since. I was an active athlete through my youth and after graduating from high school and discovering night clubs, partying, girls, Grubstake (look it up), and that undeniable arrogance of youth and its accompanying sense of immortality, I lost track. It’s fantastic to rediscover the joy of consistent exercise, that and the type of running that I do (lots of uphill, lots of trails) brings me back to the zen of connecting with nature and the simplicity of sweating your ass off running up a mountain. Might seem hokey but the shit is mad real son.

What’s the running culture like in your city?

Honestly I have no idea. I don’t really run with anyone except my dog, my wife, and the homie Enki on occasion. I run during the weekdays and out in nature where I might see one or two other people on the paths I choose, so I really couldn’t tell you. I know the Bay Area is intensely hip to all things healthy, but as far as the culture goes I’m not the one to comment.

What gets you amped to run? What helps you push through those harder moments?

That feeling afterwards man. I know there’s a science behind the endorphins and what not but screw it. There is nothing, and I mean no drug or whiskey or cheeseburger, that will ever come close to the high you feel from busting your ass up a hill and sweating ’til you can’t see anymore. It’s entirely euphoric.

Does being creative have any impact on the way you approach running?

I suppose so yeah. When I run there’s most definitely a rhythm in the pace and breathing and I constantly come up with ideas for my mixes and edits and production while out in the middle of nowhere, especially when the silence is palpable. It’s all connected when your life is music.

What kind of music do you like to run to? Your own, stuff you don’t play or dj with?

To be quite frank I’ve never really ran listening to music. I know i’m a DJ and i’m supposed to be enveloped in beats 24-7 but that’s just not me. When I run I go to tune out the world and get lost in the simplicity of it all. I love silence, and i’m surrounded by music constantly so that break I get when being out in nature is incomparable and I prefer not to taint it with noise — even that sweet sweet noise that I love so much and that runs my life.

What do you think makes for a really good running mix?

I would assume a type of mix that does a good job of taking you on a trip or telling a good story. That and as much euro psych 160+ bpm trance music as you can shove in your veins.

Any particular tracks on this mix that you think are going to make people fly?

Well I think the mix as a whole takes you on a journey for its full duration so if you dig running for an hour straight listening to classic Hip-Hop and samples and thinking DJing is the coolest fucking thing in the world then you’ll likely be intrigued.

What do you think is the most interesting thing happening in the global street running culture right now?

Good question. No idea. Don’t run streets and not really part of any culture. I run for myself and the feeling that it gives me. I applaud anyone that takes it up because it’s not only physically gratifying but also very freeing and a great sense of escapism. I would personally love to see more DJs get healthy cuz this lifestyle takes quite the toll over time.

Thanks for the time Platurn, and PLEASE keep doing what you do!