ROAD KILL – A Tale of Hood 2 Coast

The annual Hood To Coast Relay is an overnight, long-distance relay race. It is one of the longest and largest relays in the world, and on the “bucket list” for many a runner. The course runs approximately 320 km (200 mi) from Timberline Lodge on the slopes of Mount Hood, through the Portland metropolitan area, […]

Pavement Bound Mix Series Vol .5 DJ Platurn

We have been holding back on releasing the following interview  and mix from DJ Platurn for a minute as we were looking for the right time to drop it… (it’s that good). But with the recent fuckeries of the wholeTeam Drake or Team Meek situation and Twitter fingers talking about ghostwriting now seems appropriate for a mix that […]

Running to Sleep

It was love at first hang when I first met my friend Charley and he told me the plan for the evening was drinking Miller High Life and fried chicken at Peaches Hot House in Bed Stuy. Charley now lives in Portland, OR with his lovely wife, baby to be, and kick ass puppy Felix. […]

over training

Is More Really Better?

As I’m getting ready to run my third trail Ultra next weekend, I’ve been thinking about training (and the amount of training I do) a lot. I’m used to being on my lonesome when it comes to training and what I was doing to get better at the sport. However,  now I am surrounded with […]

Energy gels – What works for me.

Energy gels, a necessary evil? The act of gulping down a sugary syrup when you’re knackered and thirsty doesn’t fill me with joy but they seem to do the trick when you physically and mentally need a boost when you’re about to hit a wall (whilst running) or bonk (on a bike). Like electrolyte drinks […]

Pre Race Week Prep. The Taper.

To build on my PT progress I’ve been studying biomechanics and running composition whilst speaking to some top physios here in Manchester to get a greater understanding of how athletes prepare and recover for events. Unfortunately due to back injuries and two sprained ankles I wasn’t able to follow my own programme, having a rough […]

A message about miles and motivation

I mean, I’ve quit the ciggies. Lost the weight. Got the medals which have made up for the sore legs. But I’m still doing it? So unless I’m simply a glutton for punishment, it must have had, and be having, some other effect. Been doing some other sort of good? Right?

Electrolyte drinks – what works for me.

I’d never been a massive fan of energy drinks, bars or shakes and my hydration routine had always been a glass of water and then a glass of Vimto (the amber nectar for us Brits) after my run, and it had always worked quite well for me. When I started training for a half marathon […]

How to Start Running – Park Run

When I decided I wanted to start running I approached Charlie Dark, founder of London’s Run Dem Crew for advice on what was the best way to go about it, he quickly recommended Park Run. I looked them up online and found  that I had a Park Run 20 minutes walk from my home in Crystal […]