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Getting it Right for Winter Running

Routine. That’s the key for me. Well, routine and looking fresh.

I get distracted easily and will find any excuse to not do something. I love running…..once I’m in my running gear and running.

Really loving what I’m going to wear on my run motivates me to want to run, I want to feel nice and look good and I don’t want any distractions like a baggy bum in my tights or a top that rises up or not having anywhere to put my phone, so I always look for smart pockets and good fabric when I’m picking my running gear.

pb outfit

I’ve just kitted myself out for my winter running season (I opted out of running last winter as I just didn’t have the right gear #sorrynotsorry) and have loved getting wrapped up in my layers and heading out in to the cold.  My running gear has all the pockets I need for my iPhone, keys and spare change plus I actually can’t wait to get changed in to it before I head out….less distractions and more running. More looking fresh.

My favorite picks for winter so far;

Nike Aeroloft 800 Vest; super lightweight with a little pocket in the back for my key.


Nike Printed Trail Kiger Jkt; I love the length of this jkt and the subtle volt trim, plus the packable hood is great for the rain showers in Holland.

Nike-Printed-Trail-Kiger-Womens-Running-Jacket-618988_265_A_PREM pb jkt

Nike Printed Long Sleeve Top; just enough print for me, it’s stretchy and keeps me cool and warm at the same time.PRINTED-MILER-LS-684526_010_A_PREM

Nike Flash Running Tights; the most badass tights I’ve ever purchased, perfect iPhone pocket in the back and slightly higher waist which keeps them in place when running…..no distractions.

pb flashPRINTED-REFLECTIVE-618292_010_A_PREM