#7forEve – We can all do anything

You can start the year as a runner – and end it somewhere else. Somewhere totally different that you didn’t think was possible. Granted, nothing happens without hard work, but the feeling that real fitness happened still blows my mind. Running and a love of the path is where it began. But twelve months on, […]


The Man from Orchard Street

In the spirit of all things Running Crew-based, we wanted to delve a little further in to the minds of those behind the crews – where better to start with Joe DiNoto of New York’s Orchard Street Runners. In-between leading OSR’s Tuesday evening runs, corresponding with runners from around the world, and hanging out on […]

Take a guilt free break this Christmas

A few of the Pavement Bound crew have been participating in the Advent Running Challenge,  initially I didn’t think it was that big of a deal but hearing them compare their run to “having a child and needing to put that child to bed every night” I realised how much of a commitment running everyday […]



Yasso. A word that didn’t really mean anything to me about 6 weeks ago. But with a season of Spring races looming, a group of friends who wanted to break up the weekly street runs and easy (and free) access to a track at work I decided to reach out to Ciaran from Still Waters Run […]

Advent Running

Advent Running. 25 Runs. 25 Days.

Christmas is mega. It was probably a bit more mega when you were a kid and you didn’t have to really do anything other than turning up on the big day and getting kiddy turnt up on joy. The sum total of your responsibility was placing a Mince Pie on a novelty plate for Santa […]

Finding the Will

Losing the Will and Gaining It Again

This was going to be a post on running the NYC Marathon. I feel that’s all I’ve talked about, read about and lived for the last four months however. What has been more interesting is the fall out post marathon – the immediate aches, the emotional grappling, the shift in gears and focus, and a […]

retain your running mojo

Retaining your Running Mojo

This year I’ve been smashing up the KMs across mutiple races, mainly in the Lake District. But as most people who run races regularly know at some point you start to ask yourself why?…how do you keep up the motivation when all you wanna do is rest and eat?  Well I managed to keep my […]


Super Creamy Sunday Soup

Now that these cold almost winter days are here, it’s nice to eat something that warms your soul and body. This soup is perfect after a long Sunday run or walk, or just for a any day of the week. I actually planned on doing just a simple pumpkin soup but while I was cooking […]